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5 and 10 years on reunion
Bancroft's School
Details 03 May 2019
Bancroft's Singers Reunion
Bancroft's School
Details 10 May 2019 £35.00
OBA General Committee Meeting
Drapers' Hall
Details 17 Jun 2019
OBs' Day
Bancroft's School
Details 30 Jun 2019
OBA General Committee Meeting
Bancroft's School
Details 09 Sep 2019
Northern Dinner 2019
Rossett Hall Hotel
Details 05 Oct 2019 (£ TBA)
OBA Annual Dinner
Bancroft's School
Details 18 Oct 2019 (£ TBA)
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All Change for an Independent Future
20th and 21st Century Headmasters

1906 - 1931 Herbert Clement Playne
1931 - 1943 Thomas Grantham Wells
1944 - 1965 Sydney Adams
1965 - 1985 Ian MacDonald Richardson
1985 - 1995

Peter Campbell

David Southern

1995 - 2007 Dr. Peter Scott
2007- 2016 Mary Ireland
2016 - Simon Marshall
Compulsory games were introduced in 1932 for three afternoons each week: Tuesday; Thursday; and Saturday. Games were played at Riggs Retreat (Riggs to the boys) as well as the School field, and later the site that became known as West Grove was purchased and converted into playing fields.

Generally the regime for boarders had changed little since 1802 but these were somewhat improved in the early thirties with better food, and the installation of electricity and running water in the dormitories.

Bancroft's, as a Direct Grant School, was inspected in 1935. The report was generally favourable, though not without its criticisms, mainly levelled at the buildings, the overcrowded library and the lack of a Music teacher, but the Direct Grant status was maintained. The first Music teacher was installed 33 years later. The Drapers' company initiated a programme of building that coincided with the bicentenary.

In 1937 School celebrated the bicentenary of its founding.

The last thirty years of the twentieth century witnessed dramatic changes at Bancroft's School. These were initiated due in part to the constant battle to keep the School finances in balance, and in part to the shifts in Government Education Policy and the attitude of public authorities to Direct Grant Schools. The feeling grew at the School that the disadvantages of Direct Grant status outweighed any advantages, and even before the government finally abolished the Direct Grant system the School had already planned independent status.


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